My #1 Secret To A Balanced and Happy Home

Busy moms balancing home, marriage and kids

Being a mom requires us to wear many hats and hold many positions.  And in between making sure everyone is fed, bills are paid and dry cleaning is picked up it is possible for more important things such as attention and affection to fall to the wayside.

When this happens it’s easy for our kids or spouse to feel unimportant or neglected.  Which can often lead to arguments and misunderstanding.  

But as moms we know that everything we do is always for the betterment of our family even if at the time they don’t see it.  So, instead of getting upset or feeling guilty, I came up with my 3-A-Day Rule to make sure everyone feels their needs and wants are heard and met each day.

So What Is The 3-A-Day Rule?

Well, the 3-A-Day Rule is where I make a habit to do one thing for my home, one thing for my spouse and/or kids, and one thing for myself every day.  Hence, the name 3-A-Day.

Examples of the 3-A-Day Rule

So, let me give you an example of what this looks like in action.  Today, for my home, I deep cleaned the refrigerator and reorganized the pantry.  For the kids, I set aside 30 minutes for us to play a board game before bedtime.  For my husband, I door dashed his favorite dessert from a local eatery.  And, for myself, I put the kids to bed early so I could relax with a glass of wine and a few chapters of the new book I’m reading.

Here’s another example.  Yesterday, I washed, folded, and put up all the laundry (I mean that in itself deserves some recognition).  The kids and I made chocolate muffins together for dessert after dinner.  And while out shopping I picked up a really nice body wash gift set for my husband and a cute pair of slippers for myself.  

The genius of this concept is that the gestures can be big or small.  Kids love quality time, they just want your undivided attention.  Your husband sees all the hard work you put into the kids and the home, he just wants to know he hasn’t been forgotten.  Your home is your haven, so taking time to keep it nice and homey is important.  And with all you do as a mom, wife and provider, it’s important that you treat yourself just as important as any other member of your home.

The concept of the 3-A-Day Rule is to help you find balance not just between your spouse, kids and housework, but to also remind you not to forget about yourself while caring for everything else.

Why The 3-A-Day Rule Works

The reason I love this concept so much is because it helps to remind me that in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of each day and endless to-do list to not lose sight of what’s important.  

So there you have it.  My number one secret to balancing it all.  I no longer feel like I’m not giving enough time to my kid or husband.  I set aside time to tend to my home   and I also make time to do something nice for me.

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