10-Minute Morning Routine For Busy Moms

Are your mornings full of chaos and anxiety?  Well they don’t have to be.  In this post I’ll share my simple 10 minute morning routine that reduces anxiety and stress while helping you face each day with more focus and self-assurance.

I remember all those days when I promised myself this would be the last time I hit the snooze button.  That I’d finally get to the point where I looked forward to my mornings instead of dreading them.

Well moms, that day never came, and it only got worse.  I was cranky, and moody and frankly overwhelmed.  But the funny thing is sleep deprivation wasn’t the issue, despite co-sleeping with a toddler, but rather I was mentally exhausted before my morning ever started.  Just the thought of the day ahead was enough to trigger my anxiety.  But after nearly a year of this I knew something had to change.

I knew I needed to take better care of my mental health and that started with how I began each day.  In this post I’m going to share with you the quick and simple morning routine I use everyday to jump start my day.

Now my morning routine isn’t about skincare and coffee, but rather preparing myself mentally and physically for what the day holds.  So let’s jump into it.

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The first step of my morning routine is to begin each day with gratitude

To me this is probably the number 1 most important step of my entire routine.  As flawed people we often fall in the habit of complaining.  And letting one simple incident ruin our entire day.  So I make a habit of waking and thanking God for allowing me to see another day, be there for my husband and children as well as the opportunity to be better today than I was yesterday.

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The next step is to read a quick morning devotional

I like to keep a daily devotional beside my bed to read. There are a ton of options ranging from moms, to wives or christian devotionals.  I use these short and sweet prompts as a benchmark or goal to focus on for the day.  

Regardless of how much preparation I do in the morning, I know life has a habit of throwing a curveball in my day.  Daily devotionals help to keep me grounded and focused.

Next I move on to a quick breathing and stretching routine.

Now that I’m up on my feet I like to take a moment to do a few deep breathing exercises and a light stretch.  Look sis, I’ve had 4 epidurals so my back isn’t the best in the morning.  Stretching and breathing help to relieve any tension I may be feeling and further wakes me.

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The last and second most important step of my entire morning routine is setting my intentions for the day.  If you’re like then as soon as your feet hit the ground, you can think of a million and one things to get done.  But, I’m only one person, so I quickly write a todo list with my top 3 priorities first.  This helps me stay focused on what I want to do vs what I have to do.  I also like to jot down a mantra for the day.  Such as “I will be patient with myself” , “I will ask for support today” or “ It’s okay to say no.”

So let’s do a quick recap.

One, Start each day with gratitude to prevent unwarranted complaining and changes in mood.

Two, Read a daily devotional to stay focused and grounded.

Three, Throw in  deep breathing and a light stretch to reduce physical tension.

And 4, set your intentions for the day with a todo list and daily mantra.

So there you have it.  My 10 minute morning routine to jump start my day, reduce stress and anxiety.  It’s quick, easy and effective.

So now it’s your turn, tell me in the comment section one must-do step from your morning routine. 

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